Rising Star Dance Class Information


A blend of the latest dance moves to the latest music.  The class will include a warm-up, corner work consisting of kicks and leaps and routine work throughout the year culminating with our end of year concert performance.  This class caters for different levels from the beginners to advanced dancers and is a lot of fun. 

Hip Hop

Similar style to jazz only harder also combines the latest moves seen in video clips to the most popular songs.  This class will also work on warm-up followed by routine work for the end of year concert.


Learn tap technique and routines throughout the year for the concert.  This class is also for those levels from beginners to advance.  We will be working with the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus.


This class is fantastic for each and every student with the focus on developing the technique behind all of the movements and the strength to complete them all.  This class will help students succeed further in jazz as well. This year we will begin learning CSTD syllabus for ballet.  


Is a class designed for those Ballet students who are taking their development that next step. This class is by invitation only and will work towards routines for our end of year concert.            


Using our bodies in many different ways and shapes to wonderful drum beats creates some awesome contemporary routines. We will be working with the CSTD contemporary syllabus.


Always wanted to learn how to forward roll, cartwheel, handstand etc, or wanting to add tricks to your dancing abilities then this is your class! Tricks based class with no performance opportunities this class will further your abilities and give you tricks to use in your dancing routines.


Our Junior Cheer Team is a newly established team of young ladies who like to be thrown in the air and learn all the new funky cheer moves live what you see in Bring It On movies!

Mini Ballet and Jazz

This is a class for our young dancers 2 – 6 years. In this class, they will get a sample of both Ballet and Jazz styles. This class is combining the dance elements with fun playful learning methods like ribbons, crowns, bean bags etc.

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