Fee Structure 2020

As of 2020, we will move to an all-inclusive pricing structure, all fees will be paid monthly via direct debit over 6 monthly payments. The pricing will include the cost of class tuition, concert rehearsals, concert participation fee, concert shirt. Every month the amount you pay stays the same, based on the number of classes enrolled in.

Our inclusive pricing structure in 2020 will include:

  • Tuition fees running during state school term
  • End-of-Year Concert participation fee
  • Concert rehearsals fees
  • End of Year concert shirt
  • Participation medal
  • Administration fees
  • Music Licences

NOT Included in our inclusive pricing:

  • Once off annual enrolment fee of $35.00 including GST
  • Uniforms/ shoes/ tights
  • Hair & Make up items for eisteddfod/exams/concerts
  • Uniform hire for Exam and Performance
  • Eisteddfod nomination fees
  • Exam nomination fees & workshops
  • Costume hire fees
Classes Per Week Cost Per Month
Mini Combined $50
1 Class Per Week $62
2 Classes Per Week $110
3 Classes Per Week $147
4 Classes Per Week $184
5 Classes Per Week $217
6 Classes Per Week $250
7 Classes Per Week $284
8 Classes Per Week $314
9 Classes Per Week $344

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Amounts are calculated over 20 weeks of tuition. These amounts are then divided by 6  months in the year for payment purposes. Packages are per student NOT per family. Other payment frequencies are also available.