Embracing our imagination to look over the fence while mastering our balances, holding our heads high while walking like a prince or princess, ensuring our knees are up nice and high while perfecting our marching and skipping all while making new friends and building our confidence and self autonomy to dance in a class alone with professional, caring and amazing staff. The level of engagement between staff and dancers in a supportive and nurturing environment is key to ensuring our dancers always leave class with a smile on their face and the most important sticker or stamp on their hand to show mum and dad!

Dance Attire

Girls: Rising Star Dance crop top and bike pants or All in one leotard with attached skirt. Pink Ballet Shoes and Black Jazz Shoes, Hair tied up neatly and off the face.

Boys: Rising Star Dance T-Shirt/Polo Shirt and black shorts. Black Ballet Shoes and Black Jazz shoes, hair neat and off the face.









At Rising Star Dance we have an all inclusive price which includes Mini’s weekly dance lesson of 60 minutes for 40 weeks (run during School Terms). It also includes

  • End-of-Year Concert participation fee
  • Concert rehearsals fees
  • End of Year concert shirt
  • Participation medal
  • Administration fees
  • Music Licences
  • Photo USB
  • DVD/USB End of Concert

The inclusive fee is charged monthly for 11 consecutive months or weekly/fortnightly options are available.

Classes Per Week Cost Per Month
Mini Combined $78